6 Things To Do In Uluwatu
February 27, 2023 •
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things to do in uluwatu

As international travel recovers, countless tourists have set their sight on Bali for a memorable summer holiday. Although Canggu remains the top destination, many are considering a move to quieter alternatives in South area. For those who prefer a less congested option, here are 6 things to do in Uluwatu, the most popular spot in Southern Bali.

1. Swim In crystal clear water

Uluwatu is famous for beaches with pristine, crystal clear water. If you are looking for a convenient spot for swimming, Melasti beach is the right choice. It has paved access and large, yet shallow swimming area, suitable for children. Other beaches like Thomas,  Bingin, and Nyang-Nyang also offer identical charm but with more challenging route.

2. Experience the surfing paradise (Suluban, Bingin, balangan)

Uluwatu has always been synonymous with surfing paradise. Especially, you may enjoy great waves, clear water, and hidden beauty are three words that come in surfers’ mind whenever someone mentions Uluwatu. For beginners, Dreamland and Padang-Padang beach are the perfect options. When you are confident with your surfing skill, head to Bingin and Suluban beach.

3. Glide through the sky

Although being known for its mesmerizing beaches, Uluwatu is also home to great paragliding spots. With the starting point on top of a cliff, paragliding offers a rare chance to enjoy the beauty of Uluwatu coastline from above. Worry not, there will be an experienced pilot for your companion and well-maintained equipment to ensure your safety.

4. Fill up In trendy cafes

Like many popular tourist spots in Bali, Uluwatu offers various delicacies in modern setting. From local to international taste, from sweet desserts to vegan options, Uluwatu has it all. Be sure to check out these cafes when you are in Uluwatu.

  • Suka Espresso (best food & coffee!)
  • Bukit Cafe (tasty healthy meals)
  • La Baracca (Italian)
  • Drifter Cafe (breakfast & coffee)
  • Mango Tree (Mexican)
  • Land’s End Cafe (best vegan)

5. Embrace the local culture

A holiday in Bali is not complete without embracing the local Balinese culture. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a prominent cultural park in the whole island, which allows visitor to appreciate the a mixture of architecture, culture, and tradition. Additionally, Uluwatu temple is another destination that not only embodies the local spiritual sense but also showcases the world-famous Kecak dance in a scenic, cliff-top amphitheater. 

6. Create picturesque memory

Taking pictures of beautiful landscape has become a necessity these days and Uluwatu has a lot to offer in this trend. Here are some well-known spots for memorable shots to immortalize your memory of Bali

  • Balangan viewpoint
  • Karang Boma cliff
  • Suluban beach
  • Tegal Wangi beach

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