All 2024 Color Trends Revealed: Perfect Choices for Your Bali Villa
January 20, 2024 •
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All 2024 Color Trends Revealed: Perfect Choices for Your Bali Villa

The anticipated 2024 Color of the Year selections by various paint brands have been revealed. Offering a diverse spectrum of hues to elevate the ambiance of living spaces. Embracing the significance of color in creating a mood. These shades are poised to inspire and evoke feelings, adding depth and character to every room, and Bali villas are no exception. Here all 2024 color trends for your Bali Villa.

Dutch Boy Paints introduces “Ironside”

A deep olive shade with black undertones that radiates both mystery and comfort, redefining green’s association with tranquility and nature. Its versatility makes it a timeless addition to any Bali villa. Creating a wellness sanctuary, as stated by Ashley Banbury, the brand’s color marketing manager.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams presents “Persimmon”

A warm and energetic terracotta shade that promotes conversation and personal expression in your Bali retreat. This color, according to Ashley Banbury, aligns with the trend of bringing unexpected yet comforting tones into living spaces.

Valspar’s “Renew Blue”

A tranquil light blue shade inspired by nature, offers limitless design possibilities for a Bali villa. It emphasizes comfort and the idea of slowing down. Providing a sense of equilibrium, as Sue Kim, the director of color marketing, highlights.

Behr’s “Cracked Pepper”

A soft black color, empowers spaces with sophistication and a timeless modern touch. Suitable for both interior and exterior areas in a Bali villa. According to Erika Woelfel, the color elevates the overall ambiance and emotions within the space.

Glidden’s “Limitless”

A versatile buttercream hue, is poised to bring cheer and adaptability to any room in a Bali villa. Complementing various existing decors and renovation themes. Ashley McCollum, PPG color expert, sees it as embodying explosive creativity and change.

Minwax’s “Bay Blue”

Nestled between blue and green, serves as a statement color that energizes and grounds spaces within a Bali villa, reflecting a contemporary yet classic intersection, as suggested by Sue Kim, the director of color marketing.

C2 Paint introduces “Thermal”

A light blue shade that seamlessly balances calming and energizing effects in a Bali villa. Philippa Radon, an interior design and color specialist. Highlights its contradictory nature, which uplifts and instills a sense of tranquility and adventure simultaneously.

Graham & Brown’s “VIRIDIS”

A soothing mid-green hue, brings harmony and stability, evoking feelings of relaxation and revitalization for guests in a Bali villa. Maryanne Cartwright, the C2 head of design, emphasizes its reflection of nature and abundance.

Rust-Oleum’s “Chocolate Cherry”

A warm brown with red undertones, adds coziness and vibrancy to a Bali villa. Kendra Cardin, the brand’s architectural coatings product manager and color trend expert, positions it as an advocate for uninhibited living.

Krylon’s “Bluebird”

A pale yet bold blue, embodies joy and contentment while allowing for versatility and balance in a Bali villa. Harmonizing effortlessly with warm and cool shades, according to Ashley Banbury, the Color Marketing Manager.

Finally, that’s all for 2024 color trends, each color presents a unique personality and can transform the ambiance of a Bali villa. Catering to various tastes and styles, symbolizing a renewed focus on wellness, personal expression, and a harmonious living space.

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