Canggu is getting ‘too much’, which area can be the alternative?
May 12, 2023 •
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Bali Villa Market

Are you considering investing in Bali but unsure about the right area to choose? Don’t worry. We can provide you with more information about the Bali villa market for investment or residential.

Canggu is an area on the southwest coast of Bali that has attracted so many tourists. Both domestic and international, for many good reasons. From its amazing beaches for surfers, great community, trendy cafes and restaurants, co-working spaces and so many more.

Nonetheless, Canggu has become an overpopulated and expensive area to reside in or invest in.

Especially over the last few years. The excessive traffic, congestion, noise pollution, and high cost of living, even when compared to pre-pandemic times, have contributed to this shift.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Bali villa market, let us delve deep. We have discover that individuals who plan to stay long-term period of time. They’re tend to opt for and invest in alternative locations, which include:


Pererenan is a developing area in the North of Canggu. Just like Canggu, this area is providing countless facilities and infrastructures to make sure people can stay. And do their activities with the island lifestyle in the best condition. From so many great cafes and restaurants, co-working spaces, gyms, fitness centers, bars and clubs and so many more.

Pererenan has its own beach that is connected to Canggu beaches. With its own uniqueness and series of activities you can do differently. Moreover, Pererenan is still very close to Canggu. It provides several shortcuts as well that allow you to still connect to Canggu if necessary. At the very least, Pererenan is sort of a preferable version of Canggu. Where you can enjoy your stay, find some quiet spots, be productive, away from noises and crowdedness.


A small area on the opposite side; is known to be more friendly access if you are going to Canggu, compared to the main Raya Canggu street. Umalas is also known for its quietness where you can find countless signs opposing bikes with loud noises and horns.

In terms of demographic, many families had made a decision to choose Umalas as their home as the area is more family-friendly compared to Canggu. The streets (except the one for the Canggu shortcut) are arguably safer for walking, with no crazy traffic, and easy access to nearby areas like Kerobokan, Petitenget, Seminyak, and Canggu itself. There are several international schools as well that are good for families with kids who do not prefer their kids to go to school in Canggu which is very packed every single day.

Tumbak Bayuh & Buduk

Interconnecting areas on the East Part of Pererenan that are in the early years of development. There might not be many facilities and infrastructure just yet that will make you travel to nearby areas for many reasons still.

However, the areas are great for those who prefer to stay in a quiet location and are willing to drive around for their activities. However, as these areas are still developing in the early stage, constructions are something that will be commonly observed. Finding a spot that is a little bit further from those constructions might be best.

Rental prices here are most of the time still more affordable compared to Canggu, Pererenan, and Umalas and so does the price of the land and properties, which have the potential to be a great investment for the future.

Munggu, Seseh, and Cemagi

Here comes what everybody is talking about, the up and coming, Munggu, Seseh, and Cemagi areas. Just like Pererenan, these areas are on the North side of Canggu but a little bit further. On average, it will take you around 15-20 minutes to drive from these areas to reach Canggu. Even faster using bike and during the mornings where still less traffic. 

These areas have one thing in common, the quietness surrounding rice fields. Yes, you can find many rice fields as far as our eye can see while walking around the streets in peace as there are way fewer bikes and cars passing around the areas.

Not just rice fields, each area have its own beaches with its own characteristics and still not as many people coming there yet. Enjoying some drinks at the cliff during sunsets, paddleboarding, morning walk with kids and dogs or just sunbathing with not many distractions are some of the things you can expect for sure.

Certainly not so many great properties ready yet but that’s the potential we can expect for a real estate investment in the upcoming years as the area become more and more popular. From mid 2022 up to now, many new properties from affordable, premium to luxury developments are joining the growing market.

A villa with rice field views might just be a great selling point for rental and sales as well if you are planning on developing one. You could also consider re-sell with certainly higher price from the first price you’ve bought.

Babakan & Padonan

If Canggu is still a big part of your daily activities where most of the things you might do have to be in Canggu area, then consider Canggu area but not exactly at the center of where everything is happening. Padonan and Babakan are great examples of that.

A little bit away from the beach and the crowds, but still within reach to cafes, restaurants, gyms, or coworking spaces that you usually go to. In addition, rental prices are still more reasonable in these areas compared to Central Canggu or Berawa areas.


Bingin is an area in Pecatu/Uluwatu side that is getting a lot of exposure and attention for the past year. The only area from the list that is not the neighboring areas to Canggu which means relocating here would be ideal for you those who wants to get away from Canggu completely. 

Uluwatu area in general has its own attractive features that are very different with Canggu when it comes to the nature, community and series of activities you can explore. In particular, Bingin well known for its five star waves that surfers come for. Bingin with its famous cliff and beach side restaurants and shop can be the alternative for you who are looking for something different.

In recent years of Bali Villa market, most developments in the greater Uluwatu areas are happening in Bingin which in no time will change the area from short stop for tourist to be suitable for long terms residents as well.

After knowing the 2023 update of Bali Villa market, are you ready to enter the island of gods?

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