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Tranquil Marine Container 3BR Villa in Ungasan with Breathtaking Jungle Views
Ungasan •
3 Beds •
3 Baths
Leasehold (24 years)
IDR 4,320,000,000
Brand New Stylish 2BR Villa in Babakan Canggu
Canggu •
2 Beds •
2 Baths
Leasehold (30 years)
IDR 3,500,000,000
• Off-plan
• Finished on Jun 2024
Sleek Stylish Tropical Modern Villa Situated in Highly Demanded Area of Beachside Pererenan
Pererenan •
2 Beds •
2.5 Baths
Leasehold (25 years)
IDR 3,750,000,000
• Off-plan
• Finished on Jul 2023
Exquisite Blends of Nordic & Tropical Vibes Villa Situated in Strategic Residential Area
Padonan •
3 Beds •
3 Baths
Leasehold (29 years)
IDR 4,995,000,000
Stylish Jungle Villa
Beautiful Industrial Unique Villa with Jungle Views for Peaceful Living
Tumbak Bayuh •
3 Beds •
3 Baths
Leasehold (32 years)
IDR 4,410,500,000
Brand new stylish villa
Modern & Stylish Villa Surrounded by Greenery Views
Berawa •
2 Beds •
2.5 Baths
Leasehold (27 years)
IDR 3,600,000,000

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Teal process
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We reimagined the entire Bali real estate buying process — and created a timesaving solution for every step. For you. And everyone.

Endless searches, difficult and stressful processes are old news, buddy. Teal Estate always starts with key questionings. This way, we are able to generate suitable informations that are specific to what you are looking for.
Depending on requests, the number of property listings may vary. The more information we have, the more specific and much fewer property listings will be provided. Straightforward, and will save you from confusion!
Once selected, Teal Estate will take you on a property tour (we also have 360 virtual tour to access anytime, anywhere!) to have more understandings not only about the property, but also the surroundings, nearby places, etc.
Once you feel more comfortable to proceed further, Teal Estate will accommodate room for negotiations with the owner regarding price, inclusions and any legal terms to reach consensus for contract.
To seal the agreement, Teal Estate will accomodate under some best legal consulting company and notary in town. We will make sure that each party has their rights and responsibilities taken cared of regarding property purchase.

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Very happy to get this villa! So happy they said ok to the cat! Thank you so much for your assistance Novi! You are very nice and helpful 🙂
Sunny D
American Client
100% we’ll get something confirmed I like your listings and how you guys are going about business so far 👌🏾 love the concept. We could possibly meet and discuss more always open to great projects.
Dubai Client
These guys are amazing - so easy to work with. Leasehold processes was done in just 3 days and I move-in a week after as a the new owner of the property!
Dylan Werner
American Client
Recently I had the pleasure to work with Teal Estate to purchase property in Bali. The entire process was seamless and stress-free as Teal Estate's expertise made everything run smoothly and efficiently. They understand what we were looking for, they have lots of listings to provide, and always available to answer any question, provide insights and advice.
Chinese Client
Great company to work with if you’re looking for a property in Bali. Went above and beyond after we had a property fall through, then they found exactly what we needed in a few days. Highly recommend the team as they are extremely professional and attentive to your needs.
Partner Agent
Florian sent me to you! He said you have some of the greatest villa deals of all time. That you’re the best. He couldn’t stop talking about the amazing villa offers you’d have!
French Client
Excellent follow up and professionalism 🙏 i’ll always look for you for property search.
American Client
Thank you for the perfect villa and help. Looking forward to search a new villa during our wedding celebration next year with you 😊
Germany Client
Payment in, will let staff know to send receipt. Its SO HARD doing business with you NOT! hahah SO SO GOOD! haha yes we aussies love sarcasm - its really been a pleasure dealing with you thank you 🙂
Australian Partner
Thanks for your great work Teal, I got another offer from other agent but I would rather sign with you.
Singaporean Owner
Teal Estate is very helpful during the entire process of purchasing a villa in Bali. After the purchase, Teal Estate remain a great resource and support for me with my needs on management, maintenance and going out of their way to ensure that I'll be completely satisfied with my investment later on. Overall, I can't say enough good things about the team. I highly recommend Teal Estate to anyone looking to purchase property in Bali.
Chinese Client
You always have quality properties, if you have something super nice you can send so I can take a look, but as we get closer to the date to back to Bali I will be sure to use your service, promise, appreciate all the help and professionalism!
Spanish Client
I want to deal with you only, you are the best! ❤
British Owner
Aah wow we are so impressed with the way you are helping us so good. I am really thankful for coming in contact with you guys. You are really helping us out 🤎🤎🤎
British Client
Thanks for the help Nov, you are so quick and great. I'll be back in Bali soon and connect with you again!
Indonesian Client
You’re the best real estate in the island! I'd love to book another villa at you. So i hope the owner can give my money back and I rent something nice at yours.
Netherland Client
Teal Estate always have the best villa options in Bali. Whatever you are looking for, they will have it or will find it for you.
Jacob Richard
British Client
Just bought a little under IDR 40 Billion Villa with in Canggu. Next month, another one for IDR 19,5 Billion in Jimbaran, they gave a Party Bus as bonus on this deal. - I guess it says it all why I kept on buying through Teal Estate.
Indonesian Client
Teal Estate has been a good partner to rent out some of our villa units. The communication has been nothing but fast and reliable.
Property Management Partner


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Type of property ownership dedicated for local investors or foreigners under legal cooperation in Indonesia. The freeholder of a property owns it outright, including the land it is built on. If you buy freehold, you’re responsible for maintaining your property and land, so you’ll need to budget for these costs and taxes.


Surat Hak Milik (SHM) / Surat Hak Guna Bangunan (SHGB)


Lifetime, or until it’s sold to a new owner

owner status

Indonesian individual only or foreigner who has a company in Indonesia (PMA) to buy the property under that company’s name



Type of property ownership for foreign investors who are willing to purchase the property as an individual. With leasehold, you own the property (subject to the terms of the leasehold) for the length of your lease agreement with the freeholder. When the lease ends, ownership returns to the freeholder, unless the contract states guaranteed lease extension at future market price.


Akta Sewa / Right to use – Right to rent


Average 20-30 years, with possible extension. Maximum 99 years

owner status

All people including Indonesian and foreigner with KITAS-Visa status